Healing Touch Available In Red Wing, Minnesota

What is healing touch?

Healing Touch is an energy-based therapy. Healing Touch can provide many benefits. Individuals may experience:

  1. Lower anxiety levels
  2. Reduced pain
  3. A feeling of calm and relaxation
  4. Enhanced healing

Healing Touch is a complementary therapy that can be used in conjunction with medical treatments. It is not a replacement for medical care.

Despite it’s name, Healing Touch may or may not actually involve any touch at all. Hands may be placed just above the body without touching the body. During a treatment, the client will usually sit or lie down, completely clothed.

Healing Touch resource in Red Wing, MN

Kim Emery is a Healing Touch student practitioner. Based in Red Wing, Minnesota, she provides Healing Touch for clients in the southeastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin communities of Red Wing, Lake City, Hastings, Rochester and Ellsworth. You can contact her at 651.388.7896.

Her clients have come to her to ease back, shoulder, knee and foot pain. One client was delighted when her fractured ankle healed in less than 4 weeks. Her doctor was surprised by the speed of her healing and asked what she had been doing to heal so quickly.

Kim has worked with children with ADHD, OCD, Anxiety and Sensory Integration Disorder diagnoses. As a mother herself, she understands parents’ quest to find solutions that help their kids cope and feel better.

Kim has helped seniors, including her parents, reduce their aches and pains related to aging. Sensitive joints and thin skin aren’t irritated because the Healing Touch technique involves gentle touch or no touch at all.

Learn more at: http://sites.google.com/site/healingtouchredwingmn/home


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