Spring Gardening Help Available in Red Wing, Minnesota

It’s spring and it’s time to think about gardening and decide what you want to do with your outdoor space this summer.  I called Sally Ebler of Red Wing to get her help with my landscape planning and planting. I wanted to try some new things but was unsure how to start.

Yesterday Sally and I divided my hostas and placed them in two gardens along the foundation of my home. She made sure we had the right soil prep, hole depth and all those little details that I know nothing about.

I’ve learned that when starting a new garden or re-energizing an existing garden, it helps to get some help from an experienced gardener. They can steer you to the best plants for your location and provide advice on which soil preparations are necessary to develop a thriving garden.

People have always liked a beautiful yard with luscious bushes, colorful flowers and wandering paths. Now an increasing number of people are interested in adding healthy home-grown vegetables and fruit to their landscape. Always interested in the latest trends, I’ve hired Sally to help me create a small fruit and vegetable garden suitable for a beginner. I can’t wait until we can start harvesting.

An experienced gardener like Sally can also help a client with garden maintenance chores on a regular basis. Timely weeding and fertilizing can make a garden go from good to great. I might take her up on some help with these gardening tasks to make this initial season easier for me. Others may choose to hire her because their bodies no longer tolerate stooping to weed or they might just hire her to care for their lovely  garden while on vacation.

Sometimes we just need to make a phone call to get the help we need to achieve the garden of our dreams. Happy gardening!

Based in Red Wing, Sally Ebler provides gardening and landscape assistance.


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